Ducati Scrambler 'Desert Sled'

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the BikE

I decided to contact Ducati pretty late in the planning process. After a very inconvenient accident and the subsequent ‘total loss’ of my daily rider, which I had planned to use for this trip.

I knew from the start that the model I wanted was the Desert Sled. For me it was important to show that you don’t have to stick to traditional models just because thats become the ‘must have’ adventure bike. All bikes can be adventure bikes. The Ducati is a great balance of on and off road with a good sized engine delivering great power in a comparatively lightweight package.

I instantly loved this bike because it was the first retro scrambler model that was made to ride off-road. It looks great and will rip alpine roads and dirt tracks equally well. It’s durability and off-road capability continued to impress me and over deliver on my expectations.

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The majority of this bike was stock. A rear luggage rack, fly screen and engine guards were added to the bike, all of these parts were from the Ducati catalogue. I installed a Gerbing Heated Clothing loop and an extra USB charger at the handlebars (which broke after a couple of months. I also added some Bark Busters Hand Guards which were lifesavers and I could not recommend enough.

About two days before leaving I decided I would probably need some extra fuel and ordered two 6.6L (1.75 gallon) Rotopax and some generic mounting plates as the luggage rack options for the Scrambler range was pretty limited. I ended up drilling through the pillion foot peg and the tail rack to mount them, assuming they would last a month or two but get me somewhere I could have a rack welded up cheaply, they lasted the whole trip!

I want to show that anyone can ride a bike and if I can circumnavigate the world, so can you!

Luggage has been provided by Malle London. Malle make superb luggage solutions for on and off the motorcycle. The quality of these products as well as the thought and rigorous testing and development makes them some of the best around. 

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Luggage was provided by Malle London. I used a set of their ‘Max Panniers’ and a ‘Vincent Duffle’. Malle products are made from British waxed canvas and premium leather. The products I used are the only bit of kit that didn’t break at all over the 52,500 miles I used them. They took crashes on and off road, 52 degree heat, sea water, water crossings, mud, sand, you name it! They look amazing and their quality speaks for itself. Again, not your traditional set up, but tradition often hinders creativity and progress.