During my trip I had the pleasure of speaking to hundreds of people about my journey, wether on the road, around a dinner table, or at events.

Talking face to face with people is one of my favourite aspects of the trip, prior to leaving I was not as confident and would definitely have struggled to approach strangers let alone talk in front of an audience. Now, however, I find that it allows me to relive parts of my journey and rediscover forgotten moments. I love hearing stories from the people I meet and creating a real life social experience out of something that could easily stay trapped in social media.

Motorcycles are just part of my adventure and make up a very small percentage of my talks. I prefer instead to focus on the adventure, culture, kindness, generosity, positivity, mental health and all of the other aspects that were, and still are, required daily.

The experience and journey was so multifaceted that it allows great scope to tailor a talk or conversation to a more specific core message.

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So far I have spoken to the following audiences:

  • Schools (From Infant to Sixth Form)

  • Ducati Owners Clubs & Dealerships

  • Motorcycle Events such as The Bike Shed Show

  • Cafe’s & Restaurants ranging from 20-100 people

  • Talks followed by Q&A’s at Motorcycle Spaces

  • Intimate Dinner Appearances & Captain’s Tables


  • Brother Moto, Atlanta

  • Dunn Lewis, Washington DC

  • Ducati Almaty, Almaty

  • Ducati Singapore, Singapore

  • Fraser Motorcycles, Perth

  • Ducati Melbourne, Melbourne

  • Fraser Motorcycles, Sydney

  • Ducati Brisbane Motorcycles, Brisbane

  • Suerte ‘O Muerte, Cuernavaca

  • MotoGram CR, San Jose CR

  • The Malle Mile

  • The House of Machines, Los Angeles

  • The Bike Shed, London

  • Tobacco Docks, London

  • AMS Ducati, Dallas

  • Moto Corsa, Portland

  • Kargo Kulte, Lyon

  • Motors Coffee, Paris

  • Ducati New York, New York

  • Spiegle NYC, New York

  • Petersfield Infant School, Petersfield

  • The Great Malle Rally



“Personable, friendly, and one heck of a moustache! We had the pleasure of Henry Crew stopping in to give a talk at our Atlanta location during his worldwide two wheeled escapade. He had been on the road for 11 months but he was talked with such enthusiasm it was as if it was day one. He has inspired many of our members to get out there and ride.”

Jared Erickson // Founder // Brother Moto

“Having Henry AND his motorbike in our assembly was incredibly exciting for all our children - who have been tracking his journey on a giant map in the hall for over a year. Henry showed them some amazing photographs from around the world and answered all of their very varied questions with patience and good humour. Henry certainly inspired the youngsters in the audience - not to mention all the staff!”

Julie Amor // Deputy Headteacher // Petersfield Infant School

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