Battling the Beast from the East!


Today I arrived home safe and sound with a Ducati Scrambler ‘Desert Sled’ after a two day battle with the beast from the east! Having never ridden this bike before me and cinematic extraordinaire, Emma Hiley, drove up to Silverstone Race Circuit on Thursday (1st March) and I attempted to ride the bike 125 miles back home.  

The roads were really not ideal and there were a couple of hair raising moments. The tarmac on the M40 had either been crushed or exploded due to the temperature dropping to -6 degrees celsius. The obstacle was unavoidable and I went over a mound of concrete and rock sticking out of the road. The bike went a bit sideways but I managed to stay on top of it and we carried on. 

We had issues with freezing screen wash in Emma’s car on the way there and the way back and, after stopping in Beaconsfield to clear the windscreen, we decided the weather had become too bad to continue riding in. After I secured the bike, we hopped in Emma’s car and drove back to stay at hers.

I was very generously offered a lift to collect the bike this morning and managed to ride it home without a hitch! I can’t wait to start the world tour on this machine! 

Stay safe in the snow! 




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